Friday, May 6, 2011

About me

I thought a blog would be a great way to post the things I am doing, feeling and creating!

Here are a few things about me to get this blog started:

*I love flower arranging!(which is part of the inspiration for the title of my blog)

*I am working on a Human and Family Development degree with a minor in Sociology at ASU.(I feel like I am on the 10 year plan but I should graduate in December!)

*My family is very important to me.

*My nieces and nephews are my best friends!

*I love people and cherish all my friendships

*I love cooking and adore baking.

*One of my favorite past times is hiking. Sedona is one of my favorite hiking spots!

*My brain goes a million miles a hour with ideas of things I want to make or parties I want to decorate. If only I could find or afford all the things in my head!

*I hope to do a lot of traveling someday. Boston and Europe are on the list! But really I would go any where!

*I probably get complemented most on my smile.

That's a start!

Oh and I like to go to Plays/Musicals and musuems. Here is me at AZ science center for First Friday.

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